Saturday, 16 January 2010

Clean up

Since winter began to complete freeze our house we do little to no housework on the evenings so it all gets done on a weekend which kinda sucks but rather that than week days.
Today i really had to sort my craft room which is beyond a mess and the living room which has so much yarn lying around and after a few hours scrapping in there yesterday we now cant see the floor.
Something else i foolishly thought i would do today was sort all my layouts into date order based on the photo on the page, so i pulled my latest albums down, did 4 piles, 2009, 2008, older, and bin! i have to say i have binned lots.
I concerntrated on 2009- while i wait for more albums to arrive to sort 2008. So this is how it goes.

Jan- i did 7 pages (based on the photos taken in jan)
feb- 4- poor month
march- 19 this is because we went on a retreat and had the southern road trip, which i did loads of pages for
april- 2- oh dear, well i did move house this month so everything was packed away for a while
may- 10 the sun came out this month
June- 12, gogo weekend and a photoshoot with rob

This is when my album gave up and i have to change to the next album
July- 7 bit naf really
August- 7 hmmm
sept- 9 plus 25 pages for my florida album which i also sorted today
oct- 2 which is shocking
Nov- 14

i havent done any for december as i guess knitting took over and i have ran out of photo paper lol
Wow lots of writing sorry guys, anyway i mentioned last week i had done a bit of scrapping so here is a little of what i did, literally a little as i have to ration it lol

Anyone got the i want to book a holiday blues yet? yes me too but having a 'saving' year which is beyond depressing.

I also just noticed i hadnt showed you the photos of my neck warmer thing sure i blogged them funny!

Now forgive the unflattering angle but this is what it looks like on

and this is how my mittens are coming along

love this yarn my first 'proper yarn' it feels so nice.
right i best get some lunch and keep sorting stuff, yes i am bored now, might go and hide upstairs and knit lol
thanks for stopping by have a great saturday x


Jackie xxx said...

Love your knitting projects, OMG putting things into date order - how brill - can you come and do mine - LOL.

How could you bin LO - that wouldn't occure to me.

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh housework.............i cant stand it. being unemployed at the moment isnt inspiring me to do it anymore than it was being at work. i havent crafted today but have bought a circular needle to make an owl looks dead cool. also gonna start crocheting some flowers.
Jo xxx
PS ur way too hard on urself re. the LOs. At least u can remember when and where u did them. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Don't bin them! You might want to look back on them one day :) Love your layout and your cosy neck warmer - I'd love to knit, I have tried several times in the past, but it just doesn't work!

Vanessa x


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