Thursday, 14 January 2010

Twisted Sketch #032

Hi gang, finally a bit of scrapbooking to share with you, this week its sketch 32 over at twisted sketches the twist this week is to use stamps, now surely everyone has stamps right?
so this is what i did.

My first year uni flat was a experience and a half which explains why there is so much journalling lol, rough overview is that i lived in a flat with only one person that spoke english all guys, got moved after 3 mths to a flat that was already best buds, then i met lovely rob and i practically moved in with him in the first week.
So i had to document it, the photos are of our trip we took to lincoln in november, we didnt seem to take many photos at uni other than nights out but not the things that mattered really.
In other news i have been knitting my little socks off but yet to master socks, as well as my shawl i have just finished the sneak of what i showed you yesterday and have already cast on something pretty, this is what im currently making.

i let rob pick out of the 3 colours i had in the right yarn and he picked a bright pink which is a change as everything seems to be teal and grey, which were my other 2 options lol.
Thats all for now very glad its friday, i enjoy my evenings at home so much it makes me really resentful having to go to work, but then i guess i need to pay the bills, yarn, paper, food some how lol
thanks for stopping by x

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