Monday, 18 January 2010

Bish Bash Bosh

this is what i made myself yesterday

Its called Shroom coz you look like a mushroom head, literally sat for best part of 7 hours doing this but its warm and cosy and not giant, so im getting there yippee.
and just o prove i do now have two mitts

im debating starting these

yes they are officially Bella's mits from twilight and yes i really am that sad, but as the temperature actually picked up i frantically thought eek i best make them toasty mitts before it gets to warm, it looks like a might tricky pattern, but with a potential 2 knit night this week i should be ok.
Right best dash- dont forget Glee is on E4 tonight at 9PM love it, i listened to the Dont stop believing song on loop on my iphone on the way to work today and it worked i got to work in a reasonably nice mood. yippee, hope your monday has been bearable.


JO SOWERBY said...

ooh cool hat rachel, hope u found the owl pattern! love the mittens too. Glee is just amazing, i sing along, sad aren't I!!!
Jo xxx

Laura said...

Cute hat, really cute xxx

Sarah xx said...

Great shroom hat - love it! Go you super charged knitting queen!! xx

Anonymous said...

Rachel, you are such a wiz with the knitting needles! They're just fabulous. :)

Vanessa x


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