Sunday, 31 January 2010

Flying Visit

I seem to have a million things to do, i got up early did the kitchen then few email catch ups, then did my version of the feb sketch for sarah's which is super cute, hope you are all playing along with january details here
I am just about to head off to my friends house to do some wedding planning, ha ha no not me, yout hink i would have mentioned that lol no she is getting married in september and im her bridesmaid so gonna do some planning before heading back to catch up on some twisted sketches stuff and finish off a few knitting things that are so close.
Anyway i thought i would share a few of them older layouts that are to be deleted tomo :(

Im proud of these in there own way but when i tried to upload some more resent pages on UKS i had to delete the old ones and i couldnt do it, but then tomorrow will come and they will all be gone anyway so i am slowing adding new ones to build up my gallery again.
Right i best go and catch the bus, oh yeah thank you for my lovely comments on my 'new' blog so glad you like it coz i do hee hee xx


amy lapi said...

aww, great layoutS! makes me want to scrap all day. :)

hotpotato said...

I love this new blog layout/background of yours really scrummy looking.

Abi said...

Hi, really lovely layouts!!! i like the great use of colour and your blog design is awesome! Abi x

Katy said...

Lovely Rachel, esp like the young love one - gorgeous colours.


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