Saturday, 30 January 2010

Another make over

I just wasnt happy with how i did my blog last time so thought i would give it another go, been doing it for hours and my hands have just about froze off, why is it that your hands freeze when you are on the computer?
So do you think its ok, few tweaks need to be made but i am lots happier with it than before.
Today we havent done too much, we went to town where i bought yet more wool, inspired by heathers baby blanket in the last post, and by inspired i mean i am going to copy lol, for all my gender neutral friends well their unborn babies i needed something bright and fun and i dont do pastels.
This is what i got

lots of bright colours, not the fanciest yarn in the world, if i could afford it i would use the best of the best so this will have to do.
So something else happened today, this bright thing in the sky appeared

Hello Sunshine (like the song) god i have missed it, its been a long time coming, it was freezing freezing but sunny so it was ok.
So on our trip to the town, thats right rob was with me, we rarely go out together lol we normally only get one day off a week so normal just slob about in the house, but i needed wool and he needed comics lol, i'm sure this is what most twenty somethings do on a saturday lol So as i got my wool in the first shop the rest of the time was spent being dragged sorry following rob round the comic shops. There are a surprising amount for Leeds, but i was most surprised to see this in one of the shops

some seriously cute toast items, so off i go to investigate and they are sooo expensive, so i spent the rest of the time holding stuff rob might buy.
So not a bad day today nice to get out even if it is only boring old town.
Then home to work on my blog, tea time now then im gonna get cracking on my bolero, got to start the other sleeve and need to weave the ends in on my baby cardigan, which i finished last night woo! need to make it look a bit prettier than it is now first.
Right have a great saturday night


Heather said...

Your new blog layout is beeeeautiful!

JO SOWERBY said...

i have to say i love this new design rachel, although i also liked the previous one too!!! love the wool colours and also the felties you saw, new project perhaps??
Jo xxx

Anonymous said...

Love love love your new blog layout, you are amazing, major major fan of your blog!

JO SOWERBY said...

have blogged now today and told my mates to visit your ''new'' blog :))
thanx for popping over the other day, if you fancy coming to coalbrrokdale you'd be more than welcome rachel, it would be lovely to meet you
Jo xxx

Sarah xx said...

Love the new look blog Rachel, glad you had a great day! xx


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