Friday, 29 January 2010


I have been viewing lots of pretty blogs on my lovely google reader which i can now get on the phone and so much cool stuff has been catching my eye bit of a mix of loads of stuff.
First up is this

this song is so lovely and i am pleased he is on Spotify which i love, he is called Bon Iver seriously pretty songs.I found it via this lovely ladies blog great mix of scrappy stuff, fun stuff and knitting!

Next up is this ladies blog i think i have mentioned her a few times but she has been making some gorgeous stuff with this gorgeous fabric and i wanted to show you a few photos of this fabric i NEED!

you can get this yummy fabric from this fab Etsy shop and she is in the UK whoop! so it comes quicker, only dont buy too much or i will be well jealous.
This is a blog my sister introduced me too, its lush she makes cute stuff like this

think this is the one my sis bought well cute she has a etsy shop here lots of cute stuff.
My lovely friend Heather has made the most awesome baby blanket see

check out her lovely blog for more fab crochet things.
The attic 24 blog is also filled with lush lush things, and its one popular blog check out how many blog comments shes getting, so if they are just comments imagine how many people read the thing lol
I am super proud of my lovely friend SJ she is doing some fabulous things over at her blog, and her little shop looks to be doing jolly well, and free downloads every friday woo!

right i am inches away from finishing my first baby cardi so i would love to finish before bed ready to pick up my bolero tomo.
Hope you enjoyed my stealing all the pretty things but it was for a good cause, to share it with you lovely people TTFN X


Anne said...

Ooo, lovely, shiny new blogs for me to look at - I fancy some new places to explore.

I've not tried blogging from my phone yet - I can't believe it's not going to be difficult!

amy lapi said...

i can't thank you enough for your kind words and for including me in this! you are very, very sweet and inspiring! <33 love, amy

Anonymous said...

I've added the blogs to my reader and my that fabric is divine!! Love it.

Heather said...

Thank you for the blog link Rach! I love it when you put my stuff on here ♥



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