Thursday, 3 December 2009

On me ed

Bit of northern talk for you hee hee, so whilst i was home home last weekend, i started knitting a hat and have finally photographed it, well a few days ago but not blogged yet so this is it

Im pretty proud of it actually i got the pattern here which i found on Ravelry. for those who dont know its a knitting forum with some great stuff on it.

As for my cowl i showed you yesterday that is not finished was really quick, and lying in bed not moving has speeded the matter up. Yes im still off work and been sat in bed all day sleeping some, watching films, knitting, sleep, film knit etc etc

One film i did watch was this

The Notebook, my friend has been going on and on for me to watch this forever and i have had her copy of it forever but today i thought i would just watch it, and it was great, very thought provoking, and i have been thinking about it all day which is a good sign. So if you can watch it coz its great.

As for JYC i havent done it today for the following reasons

1- i only got out of bed to eat
2- i ran out of photo paper

Will catch up over the weekend, right thats it for now im off back to bed Night x


{ Emma } said...

Love the hat, especially the big button. It's great!


Fran said...

Never seen the notebook film - but read the book in India - AMAZING!!! Seriously, I loved it. Read it the weekend after I came out of hospital it totally cheered me up. :) xx


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