Wednesday, 2 December 2009


My intentions are great for all my projects i have on the go, i will try my best to keep up with my JYC and thanks to a extra early morning i got all caught up, but have just ran out of photo paper so that may be a problem.

So first a better photo of the front cover

Simple for me

Day1 just my intentions and how i know i have a million more hobbies but i will try at least

Snow no chance well here is how it looked today

Overcast and wet and i would think it would be like on xmas day too, not to be a pessimist.

The other day i received this

From my lovely DT pal Rach i did get one from someone else too but i cant find the comment eekk
so 5 random facts

1. i got sent home sick today with a stinking cold
2. Its my dads 50th tomo and i cant see him :(
3. we have a family photo shoot on sunday which will be erm interesting
4.I love 17 again, having watched it today for the comfort of my bed well that counts as resting doesnt it?
5. Its my birthday this month i hate hate when my birthday is and would love a summer birthday.

So onto knitting while in my sick bed today i made use of my iphone and found loads of stuff i wanna knit including this

Really nice chunky wool which i am addicted to, so far i have cast on but fear it may use lots of wool, so i have sent home for some more as thats where i got it from.

Oh yes i started making xmas cards at some point last week and today bought stamps so i am ready to go well with the first 5 ( i sent my full loyalty card to sarah to be redeemed very excited about a 'free' £10' woo
no pics of the cards as such coz that would spoil it so more WIP pics

speaking of which i got my very first xmas card today erm excited :)

cute huh its from my lovely ex work friend Fran.
Right im gonna pop the electric blanket on and sit and wait for it to heat up, a couple of rows of knitting with my comedy sized needles then sleep, rob is at the cinema, so highly likely i will be asleep when he gets in.
thanks for stopping by x


{ Emma } said...

Hope you're ok hun. I've been off work poorly with a terrible cold too.

Love the start to your JYC, I'm hoping I'll keep up too.


Sally said...

lovely work so far hun.

I did award you an award but it could have been from someone else too? nice answers all the same. Happy knitting, i love that chunky scarf thing its fab

JO SOWERBY said...

hi rachel, hope ur on the mend. love the new pages of jyc......keep up the good work. i too have a full card to send off to sarah and a xmas bday! i luv my bday being near xmas and u can't get much closer than xmas eve can u? lol. i have a g8 time and loads of lovely pressies. my family are cool.
tuck up and have a hot toddie or 2, plus stick ur head over a bowl of steam......good for the airways and the skin pores too.
luv jo xxx


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