Sunday, 6 December 2009

Rainy Sunday

Its dark and cold today out the window so i found a couple of photos that made me smile

Seriously how cool is this guy and hes not from Iceland, Finland or anything hes from Scotland and is awesome

this also made me chuckle.

So catching up on JYC

3rd day- So xmas cards i got quite into making cards at our Sarahs Cards retreat so tried to make a few xmas cards, i havent made many but its a start.
Day 4

Perfect xmas- would be with my lovely fella, thought i would do a page with no photos which is rare for me.
Something we have been addicted to in our house is this

We love this show and are super excited that a new series is starting soon.
So the other day was my dads birthday so today they are coming to Leeds for a photo shoot, like what me and rob did earlier in the year, so i have been looking around for some group shot ideas, i raided the Venture website, this is what i found

I love love the first one its too cute,obviously 5 grown ups wont quite have the same effect but we will see.
Right i need to do some tidying and some card making.

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