Thursday, 12 November 2009

Twisted Sketch #023

So it is that time again time for another sketch, This week's twist is "to use a Punch" - any how, any way!
You can find the sketch here and this is what i did

Hope you aren't sick of this little brown face yet. This was last halloween, we never got around to doing a pumpkin this year.

So in other news i have been learning, learning how to do stuff. I have had my f-mil around tonight and we did a bit of granny squares which i think i have mastered, and we tried with a few tricky knitting stitches, and finally settled on a bit of moss stitch which is super cute.

Cant wait to put my new found talents into action this week. Big stay at home plans this weekend on my list to do it.

1. photograph the layouts i did last weekend
2. bind my red quilt
3. Design the proper bed quilt
4. Make some cards
5. do my Sarahs Cards DT xmas kit
6.Work on my mittens- need to rip out everything i have done and start again :(
7. read some of 4th Twilight book all the shimelle blog prompts as i have read 2
9. Work on my chunky scarf
10. start my cute neck thing

HMMM its quite a long list but these are the top ten things i think about at work when i should be working lol

Right im sleepy so off to bedfordshire TFL X

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