Saturday, 14 November 2009

Running before I can walk

I seem to want to make everything lately, I have seen so many cute knitted/ crochet things, but getting frustrated coz im not good enough to make them yet its driving me bonkers. but i intend to try and make this later

Now surely that cant be too hard, well we sat and tried to figure out this stitch for ages the other night and it turns out its tricky. So plan on doing one in moss/seed stitch so its not just plain knitting. So i will try and start that tonight, thought with chunky wool they would knit up pretty quick. As for crochet i seem to have hit a brick wall, im terrible at it,i ripped/frogged (as its known) all my crochet mittens out as i seemed to be increasing by accident and they were huge, hurt quite a lot to pull out but they were no use.

Anyway back to scrapping stuff, so i love going away with my scrappy friends but the problem is you see stuff you want, that you didnt even know existed like this

Now i never use my trimmer ever weather its coz im not a exact person or the fact its useless but i had a little go on this last weekend and it was great and what made it better was this

This is a fab blade that cuts your paper in a scallop now how clever is that? there are loads of different designs, i was super impressed you can get them HERE
Another thing i got into last weekend was cards, now if you read my blog i literally never make them but after a little trip round the table i had a little try of lots of stamps

Cute huh i truly believe everything looks better on Kraft, i took a real shine to these stamps by American Crafts

I rarely look in stamping sections on websites unless i have seen one on someones layouts, but i love these, they stamp so well and they are definitely on my 'Want those' list. But until i get my own i have tons already stamped hee hee so plan to get some used today, when i attempt to make cards. I have gone for the buy a4 card and make my own and bought some kraft envelopes from tesco (thanks for the tip Nat)
I also have my beady little eyes on these

I swear if there was no internet i would want for nothing ( i wont mention my amazon wish list) but as it is i want everything. I totally stole racheals buttons last weekend so now of course i need some.
Right i have the messiest scrap room to tidy, and tons of stuff to do inc my lovely xmas DT kit

Wish me luck TFL X


Heather said...

I have that trimmer, its fab :) Not seen those AC stamps, like those a lot & will have to add to my "want that" list too

Sarah said...

Love the stamps...will look out for those! Good luck with the card making!

Debbie said...

Could I ask a couple of questions? When you were learning to knit/crochet, is there a particular book/s that you would recommend as I am trying to teach myself. Also when you say Kraft envelopes, what do you mean? Am I missing a bargain?

Rachael said...

You NEED it all Rachel!! I have had to buy trimmer since I got back from last weekend a lovely pink one!!

Rachel said...

Debbie- with knitting i did it when i was younger but if there is something i dont know how to do i look on you tube. Crochet i look at Attic24 blog (link at side) and again you tube. i do have a book called Stitch N Bitch from amazon there is a crochet one called Happy Hooker too which are both good. The enveloped are kraft as such just brown kraft like but C6 size and super cheap. Hope that helps.


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