Sunday, 15 November 2009

A sewing kind of day

Well after a day scrapping and a evening knitting, i set today aside for quilting. This quilt i am working on is the one for our bed, its the lovely Daisy Chain by Amy Bulter i had a play a few nights ago as to layout

I ordered 9 fat quarters which i had delivered to the hotel whilst we were in florida.
Our living room has been taken over by fabric and yarn this week

So today i finaly got around to the sewing bit, i played a bit more with the layout

And then i decided the fat quarters were too big and they should be cut up into 4's so i started after a while cutting on the floor was hurting my back. The previous night we had be discussing the table we used to have in the kitchen in the flat being moved from the harry potter cupboard (under the stairs) and putting in my scrap room. So i cleared a space, well moved a whole table and a lamp and got all set up

Although this was loads easier my cutting still wasnt exactly even which has caused no end of problems. Although im not a very exact kind of sewer even i could see they were all different sizes but i just went for it, i sorted it all into piles

Worked out where everything should go

Checked my wadding was wide enough

This doubles out to 54' so im fine.
Then i put it all together

TA DA well this photo is the wrong way round and just will not change but thats it hurray! A huge quilt, now i need to find some nice backing fabric im tempted to get some amy butler plain fabric and the front it so fancy but they will require either a order from the states or a trip to John Lewis who i hear sells Amy Butler fabric but thats in Sheffield, so it will just sit and look pretty for now.
Also i thought i would show you how my knitting is doing

My first attempt at this scarf and its a bit too wide but only my first go, safe to say i have mastered moss stitch though.

I dont think i ever showed you this

this is our fab statue that stands outside on our front steps, pretty shocked he hasnt been stolen yet but i love him.

And this, i came home from yet another naf day at work last week to find rob has been playing with my desktop

My little lola made into santa clause hee hee how cute is she, right im off to bed, well to do a bit more knitting, really wanted to get this finished tonight but i must learn i cant do everything at once... but i can jolly well try! TFL X


JO SOWERBY said...

wow ur quilting is getting even better, love the colours and ur fastness!!!1 the knitting is looking g8 too, i know u can do it, just make sure u take ur time!
happy crafting rachel,
love jo xxx

Clare said...

The Amy Butler fabrics are so gorgeous! You must get dizzy with all the things you have planned to do! C x

Debbie said...

Love love love the colours on the quilt.
Liking the screen saver a LOT too!!


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