Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Lola lollipops

I love my little lola, she is super cute.(Nicky please look away now)

Last night we filled one of the tiers in her cage full of toilet rolls she loves though so she went a bit mad, and rob took the opportunity to use his new camera. For all to those who have never tried to photograph a hamster is blooming hard and i am so chuffed with these photos.

This is often the view we have of Lola, her little nose peaking through the bars

Not terribly ladylike but she looks like a little fur ball

She loves these things

She also loves peaking out of her little box, how clear is this photo chuffed!

So as well as loving little lola, i have been slowly getting photos from our weekend away so here are a few stolen ones

This is all 12 of us :)

How busy do we all look lol

The lovely Jen, me and Rach, it was great to see Jen again even though i had only seen her at the cabin a few weeks earlier, and rach is such a sweetie we chat online lots to great to meet her in real life, shame she spells her name wrong though LOL

And before you all desert my blog forever for not blogging scrapping, here are a couple to keep you going

Christmas Day last year i cannot believe how long my hair was and how blooming short it is now

The mighty monstrosity papers, rob wanted all his layouts from now on in these papers LOL this is another Rob special with the title Fast Food Nation, we could not believe the amount of food on offer in America.
Right thats all for now bath and bed TFL X


Debbie said...

looks like you had a great weekend away, although you look freezing in one of the photos!!

Great pics of Lola, DD1's hamster popped it clogs last week so no chance of any hanny pics for me - will have to stick to dogs!

Rachael said...

Love the fast food layout!! Fab photo of little lola too but I have to disagree about one isn't me who spells her name wrong!!!


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