Tuesday, 10 November 2009

On my doorstep

So i might live in a city but look what i have 10 minutes walk away

Stunning huh?

I got home from my fabby weekend away at lunch time to find Rob had been out and bought a new camera, so we headed off to Roundhay Park. Here is what we got up to

These are our arty shots all taken by rob

This is a great little cafe which overlooks the lake

I love these photos and the fact we took them at arms length is impressive, the sun was setting through the trees, cant wait to scrap them. The sun setting made me think of this poster

Its out next week, i still havent finished the 4th book, and i havent watched the first film yet, i dont want to watch the film before i finish the books as i dont want to get the movie images in my head, i want the house/town/people to look like i think they do in my head and not like the film if that makes sense.

Right back to the photos, we went to take photos of kicking leaves, they were all a bit wet and we were on a hill but this is what we came out with

Only a couple as i was still getting used to the camera but i really like these 2.

Rob got this pic of me and some holly.
On the way home rob managed to find some good leaves in the gutter and i managed to get a good photo

Well thats it for now another early night planned for me, in a bid to catch up on my sleep, i did have big plans for doing the next step on my current quilt, but never mind. Nighty night x


Heather said...

Is it bad that my first thought was "ooh, what camera!!"?

Ace photos though, they've come out really well. The trees at Roundhay look stunning! Can you believe I didn't make it to the park at all in 2009? I went so much last year, but none this year. And now I can't at all! Most unfair.

I love that one of you and Rob with the sunlight coming through, you should deffo get that printed and onto your photo wall.

Rachael said...

Rachel loving the photos especially all the fab ones of the tree trunks so textured.

Angela said...

Stunning photos of you and your guy. I'm a little bit jealous that you've got a new camera - I want one too!


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