Monday, 9 November 2009

Life at the barn

Could not have been sweeter. Such such nice ladies, Sarah and lianne and super nice, you should of seen all the stuff we could use it was bliss. We stayed up late, chatted, laughed, scrapped, ate, then ate some more. Just fun fun fun all the way, i had so much fun i stayed a extra night i was due to go home on sunday but as i had today off i thought why not and stayed and got home at lunch time, only be be whisked off to the park for kicking leaves photos, more fun.

So here are a few photos mine were just random ones so nothing amazing but a few that capture the weekend nicely.

You will/might notice i have added a section on the right of all the girls blogs, so i can keep more up to date with what is going on with them.
I still have literally 6 pages to share from the work i did at the Cabin to share, i didnt get chance to photograph my pages so that will not sadly have to wait until saturday when i will next see daylight again.
Right i have to get to bed and try and recoup some sleep night x


Sarah's Cards Ltd said...

Great, wasn't it? Thanks for joining us xx

TG said...

Hi Rach, it was great to meet you, didn't we have a fab time?
Love the random photos, roll on March!!!, when we will all be together again.
Hugs Tracy x

Anonymous said...

It was lovely to meet you Rachel - a brilliant weekend and just love your stuff. :)


Jen said...

great photos, it was a great weekend!
just noticed the huge bowl of fruit, I didn't even see that before - must have been lost behind the crisps and chocolates!

Lianne said...

Fab photos! Was lovely to meet you at the weekend Rachel, hope your journey home was okay,
Lianne xxx

Debbie said...

Looks fantastic!! I was impressed there was a fruit bowl!!


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