Friday, 27 November 2009

New favourite thing ever

Sorry for the naf photos last night the light is just useless in the winter as im sure. And because i'm a little bit of a geek i thought i would re photograph my scarf to show it off a little better coz im sure proud (even if it is just a rectangle its a blooming good looking rectangle lol

Im amazing by its versatility, i just sewed a button on and just force it through the stitches to tie it so it can be in a different position giving a look every time.
Anyway enough of that i thought i would share some early morning layouts, im shocking and still not shown you all the ones from the cabin from October never mind Novembers barn ones lol

I love The Ron Jon shop in America we bought loads of clothes and cool stuff for the house there so i had to do a page of my love for it, i used Earth Love papers

This is a page i have meant to do forever, Rob and I arent big drinkers are all, we dont like wine or beer, we never just sit in the house and have a drink, the only time we ever would drink drink was if we were going into Leeds for a big night out so like twice a year, we get quite a lot of grief for it sometimes, i particularly get pretty ill after drinking so i dont really see the point.So this photo is us n holiday having a 'Virgin' cocktail and you know what it was fabulous

Right i best get ready for work, hope you dont mind me posting so much? Oh anyone got any fun knitting items to show me, fun blogs or anything always enjoy seeing them, thanks for stopping by

p.s i forgot to share this with you last night as i couldnt find it on my computer

Seriously how cool is this? think i shall knit with chunky forever more xx


Heather said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog :) Lovely layouts and I hear you on the drinking thing. I'm exactly the same, hate wine & beer and only drink on a big night out.

Anonymous said...

That is a really lovely scarf Rachel. :) And your layouts are just fab.

I don't like drinking much either - can't cope with it. Although, I am partial to a glass or two of wine in the house a few nights a week, but thats about it.

Cool chunky knit photo.

Vanessa x

JO SOWERBY said...

very cool knitting,
jo xx

Sally said...

fab scarf, love it, I love that last pic , you could knit yourself rug!! how cool would that be? xx


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