Thursday, 26 November 2009

4 times in 2 days

What is going on eh? It's this phone I love it do I have a few things to show you from my day.

Afraid shocking light but I have been decorating my scrap room Walls, thus cute heart was a awesome roadtrip purchase and finally getting to live up to it's potential.

What else? Oh yes yarn, I am building up quite a stash

Pretty huh! I'm still learning but loving chunky. The blog link I posted earlier tonight is the chunky queen of the world.

But I did make this

-the scarf not the hat excuse the lack of make up! But thus knits up so quick and I just sewed a button on bish bosh bash!

Another cute thing I haven't shared are my new mugs! I'm a mug girl I have most of my drinks in mugs and with mugs like these who could refuse

They are from next if you wanna copy, there are 3 but one was in use.

Right thinks that's all for mow have to tidy my desk

& get lola cleaned out and it's nearly bed time

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JO SOWERBY said...

well done on the new knitted headgear rachel.........congrats! also happy to see a messy desk, mine always looks a little like that.
Jo xxx


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