Saturday, 28 November 2009

On the round

This weekend I am home, home being the north east.

Today as well as other things I've been sat with my granny doing some knitting bliss!

I'm making a super cute hat & have been hunting today for 6mm circular needles with no luck, go see granny and course she has some.

Here she is starting me off, I was there hours and my hat us looking pretty hat like. We even put them on the round, thus was my first time but I'm pretty pleased with it so far

Pretty speedy work if u do say so myself. I also watched my sister making socks which looks pretty hard

Maybe after Xmas I will give it a try. I also came across my mams knitting needle stash

And promptly took what I wanted lol.

Although I don't live here anymore it's nice to see things that are mine round the house like

My ben, I loved loved pound puppies when I was little and have tons in fact I have a story about good old ben that I might just scrap.

Right all for now back to leeds tomo to do some quilting tfl x


Virginia said...

I'm so envious, knitting is something that has completely escaped me on the crafting front, attempted a jumper when I was about fourteen, finished it with a lot of help from my Mum but not touched it since!

Carmen said...

Same as Virginia. Was just talking about this today. My Mum tried so many times to teach me but my short attention span in those days had me wandering off in other directions. Now my MIL is teaching me to crochet and it's conflicting emotions. So happy to be sharing this with her and so sad that I didn't take the time to listen and learn with my Mum when I had the chance.

Loving you scarf - a faraway friend made me one similar for my birthday and it was such a surprise, love it to pieces.

Rachael said...

Looking good Rachel!!
There is a little award for you on by blog :)


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