Saturday, 5 September 2009

Tomorrow is the Day!

I remember feeling like this last year, not quite believing i was going, sure it will kick in tomo got a train at 8.40 and fly at 1.30 so plenty time. Today has been spent cleaning, packing and doing a last bit of scrapping.
i also did a bit of sorting of my layouts i had well a lot to put into albums look

Safe to say it took a while, i now need to order more albums, i counted my florida album and there are something like 56 pages in that which isnt bad going lol. Also today my little lola went on her holidays, here is a cute photo i took of her last night with a present she got from her aunty

read what it says on the stocking and ignore the nail varnish they are all re painted for my jollies lol

Right so i thought i would share my remaining layouts with you

again did this one a while ago when i had my afternoon knitting in the garden.

I only did this one today, of the photos taken last weekend, quick huh? well figured will have a whole load of new photos to scrap so had best be quick with them.
And finally one of my favourite photos ever.. sorry for the dodgy colour

how lush is my fella lol
Right well thats all i have, got to charge the camera and sort my hand luggage out so best head off, i will be blogging while i am gone coz we are taking the laptop so check back soon for some Florida fun


Darcy said...

Lovely layouts..outstanding amount of layouts lol well done

and yes, lush indeed!

Linda Elbourne said...

Fabulous Los as always ... I love your style - Enjoy your trip X

Sarah said...

Love the new los! Have a Fab holiday! Always follow your blog so look forward to updates from your hols!

Sarah said...

Have a fab holiday, guess you are almost ready to land.
Enjoy your shopping trips, look forward to the updates.

Excellent LO's.


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