Monday, 7 September 2009


Hi guys well we made it in one piece, had a great flight, well as they go I watched lots of films been wanting to watch like Girls of Girlfriends past, Sunshine Cleaning and the Hangover, had a yummy lunch of chicken, leek, potato and broccoli rob has a Beef Stew with Rice, he watched, The Soloist which he didnt rate, this isnt even at the cinema etc, and we watched the other 2 together, so that was all good, the plane was so empty we had a spare seat next to us so i could lie out, some people had a whole row to themselves.
Didnt take too many pics but here is what i took so far

i so didnt know my little point and shoot did this mode, so blurry but exciting that it does it huh?

No idea where we were then these were taken but looks chilly doesnt it!

this is the airport lobby, where we got some change from starbucks for tips and headed for the coach.
It was raining throughout the transfer not normal rain only crazy florida rain lol, we passed our hotel we stayed at last year which looked as fab as ever, we were ever so happy to see this little fella who we love

This is the I-Trolley which goes up and down I-Drive all day long its great, think we paid like £6 for 2 weeks its really good.
So we arrived at the hotel but it was a bit unclear where it was situated, the room is great though will take pics today, not really like the last one on fancy levels but its huge got a living room area, pool view etc.
But also during checkin i picked up this bad boy

HUGE Parcel its soooooooo heavy seriously i was pretty worried as i struggled to get it upstairs.So you wanna see??????????????

erm yum!!! so chipboard, 2 packs of kraft, fancy pants, more cosmo and a bit more lol so this is only the first order which i got from, i was worried when they shipped it like 27th Aug but it was here so happy about that, got my 2 peas order to come and a fabric order to arrive later in the week.
Right well its 7.20 now so we are gonna unpack, check out the free breakfast, then hit the shops, its Labour Day so lots of shops have sale inc my 50% voucher at Michaels, i printed off 3 hee hee! also doing the prime outlets which has one of my favourite shops Aeropastel and the Fossil outlet shop, and we are going to Walmart, then back to the pool before a evening at Citywalk or DTD not sure which, hope everyone is ok bye for now xx


hotpotato said...

oooo what lovely looking scrummy stash.I do sooo envy you being in Florida (I'm hoping for next year)hope you have a great time and can't wait to see what else you buy....happy shopping.

Sarah said...

Glad you had a safe flight.
Thats some serious stash shopping!!!
Enjoy your first day - we so miss Florida.

Have fun

Emma said...

I have serious stash envy, that stuff rocks!

Natalie said...

Ohhhhhhh pretty! Lucky you! I so can't wait til our trip in February.
Glad you arrived safe and sound, now go enjoy a fabulous holiday! x

Emilie said...

Wow! this is some shopping action! I need some kraft too... I'll try to convince DH to go to florida... although I'm already working on him to go to San Francisco...
Enjoy your time there!

Sarah said...

New stash looks yummy!! Have fun!

mandijane said...

How fab to have a stash parcel waiting...looking forward to reading all about your trip...

Mole said...

Oh, wow, yum stash!!!!!!!


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