Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I Heart Florida Shops

Hi guys, late start here this morning really tired off yesterday and such a bad head. so i have a few more pics to share, rob got up at sunrise yesterday to take photos, he did this last yr so now its his thing, so this is where we are staying...

Pretty huh, so we had a great breakfast at the hotel which is included which is great saving us a small fortune, and headed to the mall we went to Festival Bay, the shops are very few and far between here but they did have Ron Jon Surf Shop i was after a hoodie last yr but they didnt have my size but pleased i managed to get one this yr woo hoo, rob finally got some new sun glasses his last ones were well horrid so he has some nice funky red ones

this is ron jons its a very famous surf shop

bath mat we think we are gonna go back and get cute huh

this is the entrance. So after here we went to the next good shop which is Vans rob got some really smart tops in there but he has them on and has gone out so no pics. Next we headed to the outlet malls which are self explanatory they are cheap, but boy were they busy. This is one of my favourite shops

We got lovely watches there last yr and this yr i got these

i love them like a million- to quote Laura lol and very tempted to go back for more, see how the money pans out.
The mall was really frantic so many people, next we went to Aero which is my favourite clothes shop here but it was heaving literally i have never seen a shop so busy they have all jeans $25 which is like £15 ish they sizes are funny though but i managed to get a few things, and something i had seen on the website and hunted the last one down so very pleased about that. Lots of hoodies and casual tops, just my cup of tea.
After that we went to the Pointe which is another shopping bit on i-drive this one was pretty empty but we did find this

i have never done the Yankee candle thing before but they were yummy so i got a few little ones

It was pretty hot now and we were worn out i swear it wasnt this hot last yr for those who know know me i dont do the sun, rob loves it and this is a very rare photo of rob for those who know him

Rob with shopping bags lol he doesnt do shopping, admittedly most of them are mine but still.
So back to the hotel to cool down we then went here

for those non scrappers who are reading i.e my family this is a craft shop lol, i was a bit disappointed this yr i bought stupid amounts last yr but i was really careful what i got coz there is alot from last yr i havent used so just grabbed a few bits, btu i have nice 50% off one item voucher so got this beast, its huge and pretty heavy but it was $25 bargain

there is nothing a scrapper likes more than storage cute huh

i got this scalloped pad last yr and used it to death so got another and some dotted swiss baby pack

and picked up these too, we then walked to Walmart, America is not a pedestrians place at all as we legged it over the road lol
didnt take any pics here but our fridge is nice and full

So thats it for now, rob has gone out in search of a book shop we were too hot to look for yesterday so i have to go and find him at the mall where we are going to the cinema to see i dont know what something he wants to see, then plan is couple hours at the pool and on to Downtown Disney.
Thanks for reading guys, catch ya later x

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Claire said...

Love Yankee Candles - your holiday is my ideal holiday by the looks of things!! Hope you enjoy it and look forward to more piccies!!



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