Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Day 2- Cinema, 2 Peas, Golf

Hi Guys, after a nice slow start to the day yesterday i met rob at Festival Mall to go to the cinema, we went for a lunch time show coz its was $5 bargain! we went to see this

It was Anime film and not something i would of picked but it was cute and fun, literally had the whole cinema to ourselves which was pretty sweet.
Next we headed to Dennys for a little something to eat, rob really liked it but i wasnt too impressed, great drinks though.
We went back to the hotel now, and i thought i would check, and guess what???????

It arrived (sorry about the shocking photo) so this was my bigger out the 2 orders and it was another heavy one so this is what was in it.....

Excessive amounts but yum!

Ok now this is excessive!!!! but they were like £1 each so why not yum!!

Who loves cosmo...... i love cosmo!

Rob was pretty bored while i played with my paper- note new red glasses

25 sheets of while dotty bazzill i use this like all the time!

a little more cosmo love

hhhhmmmmm Sassafras new Sassafras

Abbey Road??

This is my new top hee hee, so after a few hours in the hotel we headed out to Crazy Golf

So that was day 2, today we have been to Seaworld so will try and blog that before we go to Florida Mall and Scrappy Boutique tomo thanks for stopping by xx


hotpotato said...

the more I read your blog the more envious I feel.LOL. That stash is gorrrrgeous you lucky begger. Carry on having a fab time.

beksynormz said...

You are gonna scrap yourself silly when you get home!! How cool is that photo you should use it as your blog banner!!! xxx


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