Thursday, 10 September 2009

Day 3- Seaworld & DTD

After a nice slow day the day before we thought we would pick up the pace and head over to seawrold today, and as you get the bus to DTD by seaworld go straight on there from seaworld.
So bright and early we headed off, not taken nearly as many photos as last year coz basically we had them all lol, and it seemed far too hot to by messing about with photos lol, so having been last year, we were excited to go on a new ride Manta this was crazy you sat down then you got lowered forward so you were on your belly flying this is a Youtube clip of what its like

Hope that works. We then went to see some of my favourite shows including Believe

We had taken the hugest sandwich for lunch

it was huge, it was such a hot day, we headed to DTD after lunch but our hearts werent in it because we were so hot and tired, and we had lots of trouble getting back with the buses which was naf.
We chilled at the hotel for a couple of hours before heading out for a yummy tea at Bahama Breeze where we had yummy Jerk Chicken, off to Florida mall, Scrappy boutique eeekk and in search of a Comic Book shop for rob, wish us luck

1 comment:

Kazzy said...

All sounding good so far! I'm realy looking forward to trying Manta!

How big were those sandwiches!!

Looking forward to the next instalment....


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