Friday, 11 September 2009

Florida Mall, Comic book shop & Scrappy Boutique!

Hi all, another early morning going to bed super early coz exhausted and wake up at 7 ish doh! anyway i had a few photos we missed from the other night, we went to Bahama Breeze which was awesome so here are a few pics literally us and food thou lol

So that was wednesday night, its been our favourite meal of both holidays actually and hope to go back before we leave, its literally around the corner from the hotel so that helps lol
So yesterday we got the bus to the Florida Mall, which is the main mall in florida, its quite far on the bus but pretty HUGE, so first we went in search of a comic book shop for rob, pleased to say we found it and rob bought lots of things

i was good and waited a hour for him in here even i was impressed with my patience, patience is far from my strong point!
So after that we headed into the mall, you have to walk through the department stores to get in which i think its quite sneeky, but nothing of interest to us. We found my fave shop quite quickly

hee hee i went to one the other day in the outlet but they sell the same stuff but the other was super busy, i managed to get a couple of pairs of jeans they are like $25 each which i think is great, rob also got a smart knitted top. I really think they have great prices much to my disappointment when we hunted down abercrombie and fitch i was very surprised to find how expensive they were like $90 for a hoodie compared to Aero $25 so i know which i will be sticking with lol, im not really into names so doesnt bother me, although i guess Aero is a name its very popular over here you see everyone in them but at least you dont in the UK.
Anyway it was lunch time now so we headed to the food court, Rob went to Taco Bell

even he admits it looks gross, he also went to the Dairy Queen as his pizza taco wasnt enough lol, where as i got some yummy chinese

chinese is my favourite so any chance to get it and i will.
So M&M'S are literally huge over here, they are so popular

there is a whole huge shop in the mall, with every flavour you can think of, these are my favourite

Dark Chocolate ones yum this huge bag is my new best friend, we also got this while we were in there

So after we had done all the shops we wanted we went in search of Scrappy boutique, given how terribly lost i got last year i had a pretty good idea where i was heading, although i tried to take a short cut and found there was a river at the other side of the hedge so had to walk all the way back through the car park, which is officially my worst thing to too, car parks are stupidly hot and no shade.
So this is where SB is

Naughty but this is last years photo, it was far too hot after hiking here to take one lol.
Now this shop is great, people go on about Michaels and Joanns and they are great for certain things, but if you are into brand new things then you need to be here, they had all the new Abbey Road stuff all the Prima, now i had actually ordered most of what i wanted from 2 Peas and Co so didnt get too much just a few bits of paper, but am still on the hunt for my favourite thickers which i am yet to find, they do have a great ribbon selection here so i bought quite a bit of that, so this is what i got.

So pretty restrained for me dont you think.
Over the road was Target i love it last yr i got my lush black dotty bag and tons of other cool stuff, but this year they have barely anything i was gutted to say the least.
So we headed back to the hotel to rest our tired legs, later on we went out for a meal at Tony Romas which is over the road

So that was yesterday, today we are sitting by the pool this morning and then back to the $5 cinema to see the new Tim Burton film 9, then we are going to Mickeys Halloween party which we are really looking forward to its our only trip to actual Disney so gotta make the most of it! thanks for looking as ever xx


Anna said...

Glad to hear you are having a good time. You always update your blog every couple of days, even on holiday and it's always a good read so there is an award on my blog for you!

Judith said...

Just been catching up with you and your blog. Looks like you have been having a fantastic time. How much much will the excess baggage folk love you. x

JO SOWERBY said...

oh 9 looks really cool......what did u think?

Kazzy said...

All those food photos are making me hungry!

Cherry-Blossoms-Will-Fall said...

I'm curious was the comic book store IN Florida mall? because I'm going soon and i really want some Comics and Merch from a comic books store


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