Friday, 4 September 2009

Is it Sunday yet???

I am impatient and excited i finished work today which was nice!! now i want sunday to come, so have to entertain myself all day alone tomo so will blog lol, so a few things i have been sitting on are these.
I literally did this page the day after i met Wilson i loved him sooo much

i cannot wait to get a doggy and a beagle is high on the list

i did this a few weeks ago too its one if my favourite pages for a while and im impressed i used the clocks coz i really wanst so sure at first
and now for a few things that Mr postman has been bringing me this week

this is fabric for my living room blanket

this is for the bedroom, now i just need to quit my job so i have time to make all this stuff
speaking of which i did a quick photo of my crochet which is getting bigger

and a last little something for all you twilight fans, my friends laugh and my bf is most confused but look what i got...

Geeky i know but its well cost i got it from ebay tons of twilight clothes lol, right thats all for now be back tomo with more stuff to show


Angie said...

Love the LO's ...think 20's is fav because of what you used but I love Beagles ...but always had cats !!!
Those materials are beautiful ...cant wait to see the results ...some time in the future.

klmpink said...

Love your 20 something layout its gorgeous.

Have a fabulous time in Florida and will see you when you get back!

Emilie said...

Those LO are great! gorgeous work! And this dog is just too cute!

Kazzy said...

Just dropping in to say have a super duper time in Florida...leave some stash at the scrappy boutique for me!

Jen said...

fab layouts! gorgeous materials too :)
see you when you return from your hols, have a great time!


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