Sunday, 20 September 2009

Last couple of days

Hi guys, well i am home, so thought i would post my last photos from my jollies, im super sleepy so a photo heavy chat minimal post today lol

These are a few photo we took in Aquatica on our underwater camera, some fun ones not great quality but better than last years.
On thursday we headed down to the outlets to get a last few things, i bought some xmas presents which im quite pleased with getting, shame i have a million birthdays before xmas how rude of them being born the month before xmas. (we will just ignore my birthday being 5 days after xmas lol)
So after shopping we went to the cinema again lol to see 500 Days of Summer, i had been looking forward to this a lot, i thought it was good and worth seeing but maybe a little disappointed.

Cool poster though. We headed back to the hotel to do more packing then out to our favourite restaurant Bahama Breeze

Robs cocktail was super yummy, and no alcohol, neither of us are big drinkers and people are often surprised about how little we drink, i dont really see the point unless you are getting drunk drunk, i suffer with hangovers lots and see it as a waste of the day so really didnt need a hangover the day of the flight lol. back to hotel for more packing.

This is our trolley all loaded up and heavy, we checked in at DTD and headed to the cinema, somehow rob talked me into a double bill at the cinema, something i had never done in my 26 years, so we went to see The informant which had Matt Damon in it, didnt think too much to that, then literally out of one straight into this.....

This was really good but nothing can beat UP, so although 2 trips to the cinema is was good coz we stayed cool and headed back to idrive not before catching this final disney photo

Pretty huh.
We had a good flight if not a bit squashed managed to watch The Proposal which i had been wanting to see and it was really funny, i also saw Imagine this or something like that with Eddy Murphy, think i got a hours sleep and woke up with a bad bck, our lovely friend natalie came to pick us up and take us home.
Hope you have enjoyed my floriday and i will get back on track with the scrapbooking-ness shortly, including sorting all my stash out which is proving stressful lol TFL X


JO SOWERBY said...

glad u had a fab hol rachel. looking forward to seeing scrapping with ur new goodies. hope u've got time off work to recuperate from jetlag.
jo xx

Libby said...

Just found a link to these old travel posts. What a great vacation you had. Funny that you only went to WDW once. When we go to Orlando we pretty much LIVE at WDW. On our last trip we had 10 day at WDW (only leaving once to go to Walmart), then a Disney Cruise and a few days at Universal on the way home. We did visit Florida Mall on the last day - such an awesome place. I've got to clean the house now then I'm going to try and track down the previous trip :-)


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