Friday, 18 September 2009

Fave Day- Aquatica, DTD, UP!!

So yesterday-wednesday, we headed to Aquatica and i was pretty brave, i dont like water so i was pretty brave and got in the water lol really sleepy so just photos and little chat

So lots of fun and games, just got our under camera photo put on disk so will post them when we get home.
So after Aquatica we went to DTD to see up first we went here

Earl of Sandwich yum, we got the boat over to the cinema

so we saw this

As you can see its been out for ages in the US and its not out in the UK yet we loved it and will probably go and see it again in the UK.
I also came across this guy whilst i was there

Hello Edward, as you can see i am a bit red, all that time in the water made me and rob very red!
Lastly our take a photo to tell the time shot whilst waiting for the bus

Right last post i think, we have a early DTD check in and our flight isnt till 8.40pm ouch!

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