Thursday, 17 September 2009

Busch Gardens

Hi trying to catch up, monday we didnt do too much no photos even, we sat by the pool, rob went to find a new comic book shop, went to cinema to see Extract and nipped to Michaels again hee hee
But Tuesday we went to Busch Gardens, we never went last yr so was nice to have something new, the bus ride was just over a hour, i was a bit nervous about it as sometimes i travel fine then sometimes i dont but i was pleased to say i was ok. It was gonna be a long day with the bus not picking us up till 6! i dont do long days well. So few photos to share...

I love area where there is AC so loved this bit, earlier we went on a stupid wooden rollar coaster and i now know why they use metal ones i thought my head was going to fall off it was so shaky, so i didnt go on another one it was just too much i felt ill all day after that which was what i was afraid of, and they were all crazy coasters no middle of the road ones anyway...
we turned the corner and ran into this guy

EEK! he jolly well made me jump

hee hee fun huh

Few other shots, it was a warm day really humid but thankfully the sun wasnt out all the time.
So after Busch we went straight out for tea, only coz we knew if we went back to the hotel we wouldnt come out lol this is what we had at TGI

Robs is the burger naturally, but it was a bargain at $5 mine was a yummy steak, shrimp and mash yum yum yum!!!
Rob also had a go at this thing

however it defeated him

thats it for now, will blog later tonight if i can last full day today but rather burnt so not sure what we are doing. TFL x

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