Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Aquatica in the rain

Hi im having a little catch up as i am up early today for some reason, so sunday we headed off to Aquatica for those who dont know its a fab water park. Last yr it was literally over the road so its a bit of a pain having to get the trolley there. anyway we literally got off the trolley and it started to rain doh! so we sat under cover and watched these guys

they are commerson dolphins and they swim upside down they are my favourite.
So in the rain we went to find a huge brolley to sit under, on the way we took these pics

At work we have this charity thing where we take Terry Bull on holiday with us so these are my pics for the wall.

so this is rob in the rain lol, we found a brolley and had a couple of hours reading

Still reading thing blooming book its pretty hard work but more than half way there and its getting a bit easier, be intrigued as to how they do the film.
We chilled out at the pool a bit before it started to rain

We went for a quick meal over the road which was nice not to have to trolley, i tested out my new shoes and twirled in the car park

rob was there

i ate this, shrimp risotto and we went here

So nice chilled out day, thanks as ever for reading along x

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