Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Quick catch up, so saturday i headed to the Prime Outlets because it was chucking it down while rob headed off to the cinema, was strange wondering around on my own but i got some great buys, i just dont get how cheap it is out here its not fair to the UK but boy am i trying to make half of America home, and with flying with Virgin we get tons of weight allowance so will be ok, especially as everything is so cheap so we havent got to our limit customs wise which is awesome. So saturday not too many pics but a few of bits i got

My fave shop

my new GAP mac blue!!

a whole new outfit!

erm how cute and these were $19.95 also very practical though not too huge like wellies so very practical.
Anyway i got a few other bits but you dont need to see everything. In the evening we went tot he cinema at Citywalk, we walking from i-drive which was like 30mins which is heavy going in the heat , anyway we went to see this

9 which was awesome but pretty scary for a 13a i had to look away lots but blimey it was awesome.
We got a cinema and a meal offer so headed here for tea

We took a few pics on the way out of Citywalk

Bit of a naf end of the night went like this, wait a hour for the bus to arrive, give up walk 30 mins in the rain back to idrive, buses have now stopped running so keep walking, now 11.30 and no taxis around yet they drive you mad in the day, eventually find a taxi and pay $10 to go like up the road doh!!


Elaine said...

Love following your Florida adventures. We were there in June and it feels so long ago now - nice to relive some of it. Especially the stash shopping! Have a great time!

Elaine said...

Oh, and I LOVE aeropostale too!


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