Sunday, 13 September 2009

Friday- DTD & MNSSHP

Hi gang lots of disney photos to share with you today, on friday we went to Downtown Disney for a yummy meal here at the House of Blues

had yummy food, but the AC was on so strong we froze half to death lol. So DTD had changed a bit since we were here last year one of the biggest disappointments is this....
This was once the hugest Virgin megastore you had ever seen now its a Diana Tribute place that costs $15 to get in, im not sure i agree with this at all and think its a really bizarre choice for DTD.
Also the restaurant that was being worked on when we were last there had opened T-REX

We thought about going in and did pop ours heads in the noise was unbelievable loads of roaring dinosaurs.
Few other things we like is Rainforest Cafe

We ate here last yr but its pricey we did have a look in the shop thou, most of the clothes are well gaudy but we found this for rob

Pretty subtle i thought. Also rob had a bit of pudding, he has a terrible sweet tooth

We also spotted these

the cinema is pretty cheap so these 2 are on our list, we have already been twice and rob went twice yesterday lol
So once we are done there we went to the Magic Kingdom to Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party!
So lots of photos here...

the order is a bit wrong but never mind, hope u like them, bye for now x

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Claire said...

I AM SOOOO JEALOUS Rachel!!!! The photos are fab and it certainly sounds like you are having the times of your lives!! Wish I could twist DH's arm to get there!



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