Monday, 31 August 2009

Off work on a monday it must be BANK HOLIDAY!

........and naturally Rob is at work doh! so i have a day of sorting my desk, scrapping, crochet and knitting planned, how i will fit it in i dont quite know lol
So i have a couple of things to share with you well a lot really this will be a photo heavy post! , first i have really got into my crochet blanket this is what i have so far

I've been trying a few colour combos out, i am working my stripes out to how many balls of wool i have i have 2 dark blue, i have 4 pink 2 orange etc, but i am getting quicker and neater so happy days.

This weekend i always acquired another pair of Hush Puppies and did a quick lo about how much i love that these shoes dont make my feet bleed like most shoes, my next problem is i have the coldest feet in the world so always need my socks lol

I have mainly used my new scrapagogo kit, i was really puzzled by the clocks at first and thought what the heck will i use them on but finding it easier than i thought.
So over the weekend me and rob nipped to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, where it blew a gale and was freezing it wasnt the greatest idea given i was still feeling rough but we were only out about a hour so it was ok, so here are a few of my favourites

It was a funny sunny cold day and we took loads of nice photos of us but rob didnt have his sunglasses so he is squinting in every photo!

he also forgot to zoom out on one set lol

either way i really like them so going to scrap them today as i have received some new stash from Sarah's Cards to play with for the blog, here is a sneaky peak at what i got

love love these thickers i didnt know the smaller size was out in anything but foam they are my favourite so might add them to my florida list.
Speaking of florida i did this layout a couple of weeks ago and havent shared it with you

This is our first evening in florida and how overwhelmed we felt and didnt know where to go or what to do, cant believe we will be there this time next week only 4 more days or work eek.
So yesterday i caught the bus in town in search of Scrapbook Trends, i had heard it had been delayed but other people had managed to get it so i thought i would try, i tried borders but nothing there, i even walked past paperchase which is in borders and headed out to WHSMITH and nothing there either. however while i was there i did pick this up

I'll be honest i went really off this a few months ago it must of been a bit of a naf copy so i had stayed away but i thought i would give it a go and was pleasantly surprised, it was a really good copy featuring work from my sarah cards teamy Racheal love her work and cant wait to meet up with her and the rest of the Sarahs Cards crew at our retreat in November. Speaking of Sarahs this link will take you straight to all the new CHA goodies that have been arriving over there.
Back to scrapbook trends so i had tried my 2 places in town but as a last thought i got off the bus early and headed to Tesco and they had it, i thought it was odd i had never seen it there before so i was very chuffed and its a great issue too

So todays plan is to sort this mess out

Shocking i know but i have been scrapping so randomly that just taking it when i can but need to sort today, and crochet and knit and scrap hhhhhmmm!
Also something i did yesterday was print my online florida orders i have ordered so much that i was worried they might miss something and to be honest i wouldnt notice so i printed these off

Eeekk its exciting, right i have lots to do sorry such a long post need to take the chance to blog when i can lol Thanks for stopping by comments are appreciated as ever x


Julia Dunnit said...

Ahh your desk is like a mirror of mine, I feel comfortable! Lovely fun photos of the two of you.
You don't seem too excited about Florida then!!

beksynormz said...

Oooh can't wait to see your new stash when you get back, make sure you take lots of pics of it! Must get some of those dinky Thickers xx

Linda Elbourne said...

Another great post Rachel ... fab pictures as always and I love love love the hush puppies!

Debsg said...

Wow. You've had a productive bank holiday. Love the picture of the sheep!


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