Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Sneaky Peaky?

hi guys just a little sneak peak at my layout for the next Twisted Sketches erm sketch

Super easy sketch so check it out tomorrow/ thursday depending on timezones.
So my crochet is growing thankfully here is how it is looking today

im pretty proud of how it is looking and i like that i dont have to do a whole row like in knitting and i can just stop lol.
In other news i forgot to share you something my granny made me

How cool is Mrs Clause she is fab, i got santa when me and rob first moved in together in 2006 and i have been dying for her, once my granny heard i had started knitting she was worried i might try and make Mrs Clause so she knit her double quick and shes great.
On a depressing note what is up with the weather the rain was harder than i have ever seen it in the UK ever and this is what it looks like outside my window and its not even 9pm!

Get me in that Florida sun! 3 days of work left to go! x


Rachael said...

Loving that LO Rachel!!! What papers have you used?

Anne said...

Impressive crochet!


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