Saturday, 29 August 2009

The F word!

Florida that is, yes i am getting very excited, i had a minor hicup in that one order i did online shipped straight away when it was supposed to be held till next weekend so thats a bit pants and they werent very helpful about it either.
so the last few months saturdays looked like that this

This is the view out of my saturday seat window at work, i have been doing some overtime in order to pay for some pretty things, first of all a little pic of our hotel p.s i have gone a little picasa mad here

Pretty huh we are staying on Idrive in the Springhill Suites.
So on to stash this is a little of what i have been ordering online.....

Sassafras Love

Who doesnt love cosmo criket huh, they do these cool double packs in the States where one single pack is $15 but a double back is $20 so how can you refuse so i got a pack for myself and one for my mate Natalie

Jillibean- i swear i have used these on every single layout since i bought some in June there are £2.99 here i bought maybe 12 packs for $1.83 each madness how is that fair to UK people huh?

My minds eye- these are super cute i have heard they are really nice, being as they were one of the first things for the UK to get so excited.
So sure there is more but that will do for now, i have to say having saved up so many months for the holiday it feels most strange being able to spend again but i am enjoying it and looking forward to arriving at the hotel next sunday to all my pretty parcels eeekkk!
oh yes we started packing the other day so here is a little snap shot of whats been going on

Well thats all for now, have a great bank holiday xx

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Sarah said...

Ohhh all those yummylicious goodies! I am soooo jealous! Have a wonderful trip x


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