Saturday, 18 July 2009

Birthday Burgers

Hi guys, so yesterday was Robs BIrthday i was working but managed to finish at 3 so we headed to Gourmet Burger yummmmm!
I had a giant burger it was Pesto and Mozzarella and rob had one with egg and pineapple very odd here are few pics

Rob even wore his new birthday top which went down very well, we had yummy milkshakes too and it felt like we were back in America apart from the torrential rain outside, which is funny coz it was like that last yr when we attempted camping.
Anyway i have a couple more layouts to share with you today, i just did another 2 this afternoon i seem to be clearing my stash quickly lately but trying to not buy anything till Florida only 7 Weeks and 1 Day excited to get the 6 week point next week coz thats really soon woo hoo!!
Anyway layouts

This one is a bit random lots of mixed brands here, these photos we had done last month as much as i love them are really hard to do titles for them as we arent doing much if you know what i mean, but im pleased with this one very bright lol

This one im still not 100% on its a photo taken in july last year when i thought it would never stop raining, not too sure on the papers but this owl paper has been sat in my stash far too long.
Now lets talk Harry Potter

I thought it was a great film but its very hard when you have read the books not to compare i know i know you shouldnt! But there was so much missed out that i think is vital to the final films, as well as this there was no mention to GreyBack who he really was, and the trips to Voldermorts ( yes i dare speak his name) well there wasnt much! I am to go and see it again in a month or so but listening to the Half Blood Prince on Audiobook just makes me realise what was lacking and i know you cant fit it all in a film i know i know but well... will see on the 2nd trip lol Let me know what you thought?
Right i plan to have a sort of my papers with a bit of branding and put some layouts in some albums they are pilling up! TFL X

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Rachael said...

Hi Rachel those burgers look yummy!! I have left you a little something over on my blog :)


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