Friday, 17 July 2009


Hi guys i have been having a little look at some things i fancy picking up while i am in Florida, this is what ive come up with...

I stole all the photos from 2 peas, i did a online order last yr which got delivered to my hotel and say to say i will be doing this in september. As well as these things i had a little look at the new CHA collections, Cosmo Cricket outshines the rest by miles personally.

Seriously thought they are lush i hear some UK shops will have them in August but i will resist as i know they will be tons cheaper in the states few other things that have caught my eye are...

These are all crate which has been a favourite of mine this year the new stuff i like some but really dont like other bits.
Its robs birthday today so got a few photos to share tomo must tidy my scrap room tonight ready for play time tomo after i have done a bit of overtime at work tomo and maybe a little nip to the next sale lol TFL X

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