Sunday, 19 July 2009

8 Things

Hi guys

i saw this on someones blog and thought it looked like fun
8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Going to Florida in 7 Weeks
2. Coming home from work
3. My next trip home home
4. Seeing Rob
5. Scrapbooking another page
6. Seeing my far away friends
7. Playing with Lola
8. Eating yummy food

~8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Went to the Next Sale
2. Went to work for overtime
3. went back to the next sale
4. went to the craft shop
5. Scrapped 3 pages
6. Listened to Harry Potter Audio book
7. made meatballs for tea
8. Watch Big Brother

~8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1.Not go to work tomorrow
2. Stay home with rob
3. Play in my garden
4. Live in Florida
5. Turn back time
6. Work in scrapbooking
7. do magic
8. have my family nearer me

~8 Things I Have Watched Recently
1. Rude people on the bus
2. watched some Disney Channel
3. Watch rob go to work
4. Big brother
5. Watch my poorly fish get sicker
6. Watch my sleepy lola wake up
7. my tea cook bedroom become tidy at last

So that was fun, so today i have spent 80% of my day doing my trip report over on the DIBB I only got to day 3 of my florida holiday which is shocking so i spent loads of the day doing this and then went on doing my DLP trip as well so feel better now its all done.
I managed a bit of scrapping last night still to photograph but i still havent shared some i did last week.

This was a challenge to use A 'lil' Bit so i used this photo o us in Disneyland Paris we had only been home from Florida 3 days when we booked our xmas trip to Paris.

Another Disney layout this photo is a bit shocking but my head was on fire it was so hot at disney.
so 7 WEEKS TO GO TODAY!! with all the dibb work i have been getting very excited hall be putting as much as i can away for dollars this month. Thats all for now gonna try and do another page before i turn in.. well it is a school night lol TFL X


Carmen said...

Great lo's :D Only been to Disneyland Paris once. Can't wait to go again... year after next!! *sigh*

Mole said...

Loving those LOs!

Rachael said...

Fab LOs Rachel!!


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