Friday, 24 July 2009

Twisted Sketch #007 & Birthday crafts

Sorry i have not been around all week, i am off work for a few days now so i have been having it up!
First of all the new Twisted Sketch is up which is my turn, we had to use buttons of brads, what could be easier huh? so this is what i did

Hope you all play along.
Next up my lovely fella bought me a present, he mentioned it a couple of weeks ago but it finally arrived this week

Its a pogo, most excited, going to have a good play today i think, this will be great for crops and retreats.
So this week was my sisters birthday the one that lives in Auz, so i have been busy making her lots of presents these past few weeks so this is what i got/did

How cute is this? it is the same make as my dog brooch, she saw mine and wanted one. And she had always wanted a frame i had hanging up in my old flat so i made her one too

So the next thing i made was a mini book, she has been harping on for one for ages now so i finally did one, and did it in one night, so here it is....

well thats all for now, im gonna to a bit of scrapping, having not done any all week. TFL X


Mole said...

Blimey - you've been busy, busy, busy!
What's a Pogo, then ? A little printer?

Linda Elbourne said...

Blimey you have been busy and a Pogo ... you lucky lady you!

Rachael said...

Wow you have been busy Rachel!! I am sure your sister will love all her pressies.

Glen said...

Love the Pogo Rachel. The frame is lovely and those burgers are HUGE! I can see why you like Florida. I haven't been for several years. I wish I was there myself.

Sarah said...

Love your book, sure your sister will be delighted with her pressies.
Love the look of the printer - will have to let us know what it's like.

Take care

Emilie said...

Wow! soooo much work! I LOVE the LO! the colours, everything! Those three frames are simply Gorgeous! great idea! and this mini is fab! really, love it all!!!

KimmyS said...

You have been cracking the projects out Rachel. Awesome job on all of them!

LadyBug said...

lovely birthday prewssies for your sis! the Minibook is great really chunky, and I love love love the little mushroon, where did he come from?


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