Tuesday, 19 May 2009


hi guys, i have a couple more layouts to share from sunday, this week i havent done any i've been addicted to my new book 'Divas Dont Knit' by Gill Mcneail, im so into it i hate getting off the bus to work even more now, and especially as i am into knitting. Had i mentioned that??? well with watching all of Kirstys Homemade Home programme, i though i would get back into it. So i dip in and dip out, i would love to knit cakes and birds and things

cute cute cute, if anyone knows how to make them please share. i have also forgot how to cast off again so have to take my knitting into work again for someone to show me, i am going home home this weekend following my date with the dentist :( so hoping to have lots of motherly help with my needle work.
anyway some layouts

This layout i shamefully lifted from scrapbook trends, everything went so well i just had to lol
I havent taken photos of the other layout yet for some reason so i thought i had shared this with you but i appear not to have,

At work me and a few others have put a recipe book together, i kept bugging everyone for recipes so now i have a whole book and am selling it for British Heart Foundation, and am pleased to say that we have made over £80 so far so super chuffed. I designed the over if you hadnt noticed lol

well thats all from me, back to my book :)



Vicki said...

aww those cakes are cute, good luck with the knitting!!! congrats on your BHF book too - thats fab, and that cover looks great xxx

Yankee in England said...

Love the layout! I had a good giggle when I thought the layout looked familar and then I read you had lifted it from Scrapbook Trends!

Gayle said...

I am sure there are some interesting things to knit by Jean Greenhowe but am not sure if there's cakes or not. Try looking on Ebay - I know she has a bazaar knits book which has more things in it than just the clowns and people that she does, but can't remember entirly what's in it and have to search out my copy. Her stuff is amazing and i've knitted a few things from her myself.
Good look with your knitting - am loving your layouts!

Julia Dunnit said...

Book is just great, good on ya!

Kerry said...

Ah so that is the house you were talking about knitting.

I mostly do socks but would love a go at something a bit different for a change.

Jo Power said...

not quite the same cakes but here is a free pattern for some knitted cakes. http://www.jeangreenhowe.com/Images/Tea_Party_Treats2.pdf

Jo Power said...

or try here.

Jenny said...

Keep your eyes peeled for the Jean Greenhowe bits her patterns are so cute! I have one of her books that I've not knit from (been mid cardi for about 6months lol) but i love to browse it just to make me smile! Try Little Cotton Rabbits (http://littlecottonrabbits.typepad.co.uk/) for knitted cupcakes!
Love the recipe book, well done you doing something for a good cause like that!
x x x

Jenny said...

Also forgot to say try youtube or letsknit.co.uk for videos there might be a casting off one about there - or if this makes any sense, knit two stitches, then slip the first over the second - confusing huh! x x

Natalie said...

Those knitted cakes are fab! I've got back into it too lately, but I'm attempting a blanket for Alex - talk about wanting to run before I can walk lol!
As for casting off, knit two stitches and slip the bottom one over the top one and off the needle, then knit another stitch so you have two on your right needle and repeat until you have one left. Take it off the needle, cut your yarn and pull it through the loop tight - and done! Or look here: http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/faq-search.cgi?store=/stores/eyarn&learnToKnit=1 or on Youtube for videos, you can teach yourself all the stitches that way too. :)
Good luck, can't wait to see your splendid creations (as always!) x

Debsg said...

Your knitting is great. Love the cupcakes, but then the hearts are fab too and so is the birdhouse! Love it all.


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