Sunday, 17 May 2009

Scrapbook Saturday and Sunday

Well i have had a very chilled weekend after a bit of a stressful week, my friend came over on saturday for a bit of scrapping and i managed to get a couple done.

Easing myself into it, im not happy with this layout, maybe more work, maybe the lack of thickers is what has spoilt it for me oh well shame coz i really like this photo too.

This is a layout i started last monday but for some reason hadnt finished i was thinking of a title and could so i just didnt give it one.

First Love- this is my gorgeous boy, i decided last year i wasnt going to scrap anymore sad layouts about sammy so this is my first happy layout of him using the new crate lines and some old love elsie, im quite pleased with it, and lots of hand stitching too.
Another couple i'm not too sure about, i went stamping crazy on these, i got a new stazon about a month ago so finally got it to work today (it did work just i didnt make it that is) so i got all my lovely stamps out and im back into it.
I have a couple more but will share them tomo, as well as all this at work i am on the charity team so i have put together this recipe book to sell for British Heart Foundation, im really proud of it, i put stack of work into it so glad it goes on sale tomo, this is just the front cover. Hope it sells well eeekkk!
And on a final note we finally got all our chairs built for our dining room table so here it is

its only little but does what it has too.
And on a very very final note, for those who know me know im very scared of the dentist i went last week as i know i have work that needs doing, 30 mins later i have a list as long as my arm and a giant bill. i go for first dose of treatment on friday where i am having a crown fit! to say i am scared is a understatement eekkk sorry to end on a pants note
thanks for stopping by x

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Vicki said...

loving those layouts, and the one without the thickers looks FAB!!! crowns are nothing to worry about, as a person who had 3 (i fell and broke my teeth and jaw when i was 10) - just relax and you'll be fine, i'll send you some positive vibes!!!!


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