Friday, 15 May 2009

America-ca, ca ,ca

I am a bit obsessed of late, we passed the 4 mth mark last week so i am getting excited and did a bit of scrapping from last year. Funny how you look at photos and think why havent i scrapped that yet, so i did a couple last weekend.

We loved Toy-Story ride it was amazing, we arent planning on doing Disney this year so doubt i will get to play.

This is another Florida layout based on the challenge on OLW-
You had to use the number 2, so i did it on 2 weeks of florida fun, i rarely email these layouts in just do the challenge, being the middle of the month there are a few more about this weekend so will play along.
I'm not sure if i showed my new sofa??? i got this a few weeks ago now for my craft room

i got it second hand but its nearly new, its great really long so can have a good snooze on it, it works really well in the room. we have also squeezed a dining room table in here

So i can finally have people around, speaking of which i did, last friday!

A few friends from work came round for tea and some chatting, we had lots of fun and even lola joined in.
This weekend i plan to scrap lots, seem to have had a hectic week and not got any done, and my friend natalie is coming tomo so more scrapping so good weekend.
thanks for stopping by!


Claire said...

Love your LOs! Glad to hear you are settling in well and quickly into your new home.


secret scrapbooker said...

Racheal . what colour is the card stock on the toy story 2 lo?

Kazzy said...

Hiya, just found your blog through UK scrappers and love your layouts. Been reading your Florida holiday blog too! We are going back there in October and I'm only just starting to scrap the last lot of piccies we took in 2006!
I also visit the Dibb...don't know if you do?

Will drop in again soon.


rachel said...

Secret scrapbooker- its kraft on the toy story, i love it must order more

kazzy-yeah im on dibb im rachel82, i swear i will finish my Florida blog b4 we go back lol x


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