Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Dreaming of Ravelry

Hi guys quick post as i have been putting it off as would be long post so making a quick one to get back on track.
I survived the dentist this week i am pleased to say and very happy with my new teeth and im only half way there so very happy. I went home this weekend to my parents house lots of clearing out of clothes, the garage everything but had fun, and brough so much of it back!

These are my new teeth lol

dads new toy

sunday dinner in the sun- very odd
Jumping back to last week my lovely lovely friend fran left work to go and teach in India we had some jolly good fun on our night out

As well as all of this i have joined RAVELRY which is a knitting forum i bought some lovely wool at the weekend, well not sure if lovely but pretty colours and my friend is gonna teach me how to crochet and i found a group to go to in town.
Thanks for stopping by i swear i will start scrapping soon i have bought lots of yummy new things so will get on the case!
cheers xx


Natalie said...

Well done you, on your knitting I mean! Is the group the one that meets in Borders?
Fab photos too, and you really can see the difference in your teeth already. :)

Debsg said...

Great photos. Fab teeth and that dinner looks delicious.


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