Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Story of Scrapbook Boutique!

So i did a layout the other day all about Scrappy Boutique at the Florida Mall funnily enough in Florida, i have been meaning to do this since i got back. So this is how it goes. From reading on UKS i knew the shop was at the Florida Mall, so one night i convinced rob we should go, we didnt know it was a hour bus ride but on we went, we didnt get to the Mall till maybe 5.30 and the shop would close at 7pm, it was chucking it down when we got off the bus and prompted started searching for the shop, i figured it would be in a a little retail corner but round and round we went in the pouring down rain. We went into the Florida Mall to ask but no one had heard of it, we searched more and more to the point of running at some point! i know! my flimsy shoes had all but fallen apart in the crazy rain and robs were completely soaked.
So at about 6.50 we gave up and headed to Walmart to replace our shoes and buy clean socks, we then had a very soggy dinner at Ruby Tuesdays.
So that was it or so i thought as it was a hike rob didnt really want to try again, but one night he went to the wrestling at Universal so i go on the bus on my own and off i went. This time it was only spitting but i wasnt going to let that stop me, i had vague directions and headed that way stopping to ask people in the car park, it was a hike and a half and at this point it was raining pretty heavy but then i saw this.

In the distance i could see it!!!!!! Now for future reference its near Bed, Bath and Beyond and near the huge Target when you are asking for directions.

In all its glory. So that is my story well nearly, this is the layout i created using this months gogo kit

So i was pretty pleased with that, then i found a business card and my receipt so i turned this into a double layout which is something i literally never do.
So the story continues, so after spending a erm hefty amount in that shop i went over to Target just for a little look and they had so much stuff it was unreal, most of it was in Michael's the previous day but they had so many totes and bags and trolleys which is effectively a supermarket jammy!

So the rest of my layout is here

And this is my receipt!
Well if you stuck with this huge thanks i know its long but i thought it was funny.and on a final note its 4 weeks until the GoGo Getaway those who arent familiar(family) this is where we are staying http://www.deverevenues.co.uk/find-venue/theobalds-park.html for a whole weekend of fun, classes and scrapping i cant wait!
thanks for looking x


Biskit said...

I don't think I have ever had a receipt that long from anywhere but tesco. LOL.

cathy c said...

LOL!! Rachel, I could've told your story myself, only we were driving, poor you! I drove OH up the wall with the directions for SB, eventually we got there on the Monday, the only day it was closed :( anyway, now we knew where it was we returned the following day - well worth the stress, I spent hours & a fortune - I think from all the scrappin stores in FL it's definately the best! I'm back there in 5 months, can't wait!!

cathy c said...

Ooops forgot to say I love your LO, the colours are gorgeous!!

my5bratz said...

wish I could get a docket that long..lol

LOVE the swirl :0)

Emilie said...

wow, i'd love to go there! and get as much as you! or maybe is it better that i don't!

Claire said...

Loving those LOs hun well done, the colours are lovely, and OMG what a store i would have re-mortgage my house to shop in there, it looks like it has everything - agree with Biskit dont think i have seen such a long till reciept either
Claire xx

Julia Dunnit said...

How fun! Tenacious lot, we scrappers - never let a rain storm and 2 bus rides distract you from your goal!!

Stacey Adams said...

Oh My Gosh!!! I just came across your blog and I don't know if I want to laugh or cry...I think I am doing a little bit of both! My name is Stacey - I am the owner of Scrappy Boutique. I am SOOOOOO sorry for all your troubles!! My to-do list is long - but next week I am putting "work on directions on website" as priority number 1!! Thank you so much for all your kind words even after your journey... and new shoes. (please thank your husband as well for hanging in there... oh to be married to a scrapper!!)
p.s. I LOVE the layout!!!!!!!!!!


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