Thursday, 7 May 2009

Settling In

Well we have pretty much been working on the house since we moved we moved and besides 2 dining room chairs we are just about done so now lots of photos to share. The first thing is my photo wall i have been dying to do this since my road trip when i saw SJ's fab wall and i finally did it.

So inspired by this a did another one in my craft room a bit bigger and less fancy so loads of old photos and new ones

This is our lush living room, we got this gorgeous tree in Bexhill along with most things lol

And a few little bits and pieces

As well as all the house goings on the garden has been getting some serious work but will share that later.
In other news i went to see this last week

I love films that go back like this, BIG, 13 Going on 30, Freaky Friday so i loved it and especially loved this fella

Ok i know but hes not that much younger than me, maybe 4 yrs, and he may have weird hair there is no denying that the boy is beautiful.

But even if he is not your cup of tea its a great film and quite want to see it again.
Right i have DT work due in tomo and on my last layout so best hurry before the light goes.
thanks for stopping by x
oh my i nearly forgot to show you this

My super cute cupcake hook for my super cute cupcake tea towel good times!


cathy c said...

Love your walls Rachel, you've been sooooo busy, what with all the house/garden/scrappin/bloggin & of coarse work too!!.............. do you sleep girl??
Great pages on the previous post hun, looking forward to seeing your DT stuff!

{ Emma } said...

oh wow your front room is looking great, love those little red vases on the fireplace. And your photo walls are great.


Claire said...

Good to see your settling in well and making your new house a home. Love the picture walls - this is something I have wanted to do for ages but just havent got round to it. Love your tree in your lounge from Bexhill - lush!!


Jen said...

your new home is looking great! I am so doing picture walls when we work out how to drill into the walls without them crumbling lol!

Julia Dunnit said...

Your home is looking fab. Won't be sharing mine. Too untidy!!

Linda Elbourne said...

Great Blog post and on a Friday too :0))

Love the tree ... love the photo walls ... really love the hand holding photo and I really really love the cup cake hanger.

The place is looking great Rachel ... I hope you will be very happy in your new home X

jay670120 said...

love the photo wall and the wall hanging , also love that armchair yummy x

Anne said...

Lovely house - that armchair is great. Can't say Zac Efron is my cup of tea though!


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