Saturday, 9 May 2009

Garden Fun

I swear i am still scrapping while doing all this house stuff, but today i want to show you my pretty garden and how its come along, the garden is huge far too big for us and a bit of a wasteland when we moved it, as the house had been renovated they just chucked everything in the garden so the soil was pretty naf, anyway photos there are tons it of before and after, we got the trellis up last weekend and finished painting the fence so its looking really good now.

hope you like it, now if it would only stop raining might be able to sit out in it lol x


kelly said...

house is looking fantastic! all the best of luck

Jo Power said...

Lovely looking garden. Hope the weather stays nice this summer so you can enjoy it.

lindschick said...

The house is looking fab and the garden is coming along lovely, looks like lots of hard work.

Julia Dunnit said...

Garden looks great, you should be really satisfied. Love the signs in the tree. Don't know if I dare extend my craft stuff to the garden..DH will have me certified!


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