Monday, 4 May 2009

I don't believe in Dinosaurs

I have been meaning to post all week, i have loads of layout and photos and al-sorts to share but for now i will stick to just scrapbook stuff and a little bit of fun.

I'm sorry i just don't, how can we know what lived that long ago and how can we still have so many pieces!!!! This was a really fun layout to do i have had the basic grey paper for ever! and had no clue how i would ever use it, but after a recent trip to The Natural History Museum i had the perfect opportunity. I also used a bit of last months Gogo kit.

Speaking of which is a layout i did as a getting to know you challenge over at Gogo for the retreat which is fast approaching we had to share 5 facts about ourself and use the Gogo colours, Green, Orange and Yellow which was a tough task.. Mine are a bit odd coz i fit them in with the cute paperchase stickers i had.
1-I love mushrooms
2- i have discovered Baking
3- I love little lola- (no sticker)
4- I dont drink hot drinks
5- I love cute little owls (stickers not real ones so much)

These a bunch of randoms i sometimes hang out with ..... kidding!

This is a layout for my florida album, my poor battered feet i swear they were my central focus for days till i finally got some good trainers, so just wrote about how i took 2 pairs of shoes to the parks each day and rotated them depending on what poorly bits hurt the most at the time.

This photo makes me laugh, lo of our fun night at Laura and Will's house having a fancy dinner party and playing silly games, top night! AMAZING KITCHEN!
I do have another couple to share but will wait for another night but i have been the tinniest bit naughty and made a little Sarah's Cards order i couldnt budget for the whole collection pack and stamps (maybe next month) so i got a bit of the new Crate to keep me going

Yum its so cute and i think i would like the packs, i got a bit of Sassafras too but just a bit coz well its weird and im not quite sure what i think of it yet.
And on a final note....

I could not be more excited we can now get this in WH SMITH & BORDERS its normally like a million pound so very happy with the £5.99 i paid, so it might of been my last but its worth it.
Thanks for looking, this is what happens it builds up into a giant post, next time tune in for.... garden fun, babies, trees and other fun stuff! xx


cathy c said...

Brilliant LO's Rachel - I didn't expect anything else!! looking forward to seeing house pics soon!

Melonie said...

Super LO's!


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