Friday, 10 April 2009

Photo shoot

Hi guys i thought i would give you a little break from the house madness! and share some photos of the photo shoot SJ did for me and Rob when we went down to stay, i just got the disk with all 110 photos on and i love them the colours are fab and i cant wait to get them printed and scrapped. So just sharing some of my favourite i will try not to attach too many or you might puke due to soppy-ness lol

I am going to make a huge photo wall not sure which room yet it seems to change everytime but i cant wait.
Also some more photos along the way

Gorgeous lola on her last night in the flat- she blends in quite well doesnt she? we have bought her a new ball this week coz hers got broken in the move now she cant play on the bed or sofa not that she has ever disgraced herself to have accident but now they are ours and havent got cover/ throws she isnt getting on them lol

this is our garden, mainly full of builders rubbish at the moment but hoping they will move and and we can sit out in it, put trellis up etc

my distructions (running family joke) on my desk!

a present in this box all for me.... will share later x

thanks for looking x


Eileen said...

Great photos - I particularly like the silhouette by the sea.

Have fun in your new home!

Natalie said...

Love the photos, they are just fab - I think you should get a couple on canvas!


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