Monday, 13 April 2009

New Craft Room

Im so excited my craft room is finally done and tidy, i think i was pretty lucky to have as much space as i did in the flat but how i have crazy amounts!
We have 2 downstairs living rooms so i have used one as a craft room i didnt want to be upstairs while rob was down here so hoping this will work out. I got a new desk even though i didnt need one but it had 70% off for being damaged yet when ive built it its a tiny mark at the back you cant even see. So i now have a 'crafting' desk and a computer, printer, ipod desk and i will roll between them both is my plan!
Expedit- i have had this for weeks and really happy i can use it now, getting quite a collection of albums and pleased to haev somewhere to store them, and the top is a good size for pretty things.

this lo is just for show its going in a box frame in the living room

my paperclip valentines day card is too cute so had to be out.
So this is my new desk its a bit of a beast, i am trying to keep as much surface area clear so i have plenty room to spread out, as fab as my other desk is it can be quite restricting.

Love the magazine racks, didnt think i would use them but i am, plan to put my SI and SBM in order on them.

This is me trying to be tidy, sure that will change after a couple of weeks, i have my things i use most often near me, my pencilcase, my box of pretty ribbon, sets of drawers with herma, foam pads, ton of stamps, stamp blocks etc etc etc

This is my view out the window of our garden- which is very much a working progress, if you look i have taken a panel off the desk where it should have a magnet board and a shelf but the desk is so big it would of hung in the window and blocked all the light out, so it looks a bit odd but thats fine.

This is my computer desk, i am after a new monitor what a apple one so it ties in but they are pricey but its on my list as well as a new mouse and a new key board. want want want want lol!

I have my photos stored on this desk in boxes and few over flow things that i guess i dont really use too much

This is where my little photo printer lives, its tiny isnt it? and my ipod dock fits perfectly in the gap very happy!

Ive put my tote under my desk i never really use it, and have my most current things in the alcove as well as my tote bag i love so much lol

i have a bookcase on the back wall thats not so crafty at the moment but have the option to 'move in' if i want in the future.

i got this lovely wire heart which i was visiting SJ on my trip not quite sure where its going to live just yet.

This is my tool section in a effort to make me use them again lol, drawers need to be sorted really too.
So this is what it looks like all put together!!

As you can see plenty space to take over the other side of the room too, although we plan on another sofa or dining room table.
Hope you have enjoyed looking at the pics please let me know what you think, think 99% of the furniture is from Ikea the desk is called mikael.
thanks rach xx


Jen said...

it looks fab! you have so much space to scrap!

Claire said...

This is great, it all works so well together!

Natalie said...

Looks fab hun, can't wait to come play! I love that Ikea furniture too, just wish I had room for some boo hoo! x

Alison5 said...

Love your craft room its great, I also have used a downstairs living room for mine as I didn't want to be crafting upstairs.

Sarah said...

Ohhhh you lucky lady! What a lovely space to craft in. Loving your new desk btw!

Julesaroony said...

Simply amazing! Puts my half the spare bedroom to shame! I love the storage you have chosen nad it looks so organised!

cathy c said...

Brillaint space Rachel, I love it, I love your new desk (and your white one, can I ask where that one is from?) I wish I was this organized!!

Claire said...

Amazing - so envious of your large room space for your craft room!! But your colours blend so well - love the freshness of the white!



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