Friday, 17 April 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are having a wee bit of a bumpy start in our lovely house but the positives out-way the negatives so thought i would share some photos of what we have got so far.

Owy little fireplace- damp patch getting painted today lol

Shelves in living room need a bit of rearranging new photos doing etc

Our pretty hall check out the stained glass thats 1930s

Pretty pics in the hall, this is my lovely house pic that we got in brighton cheesy but we love it.

Twiggy things and our tin dog from brighton

Our kitchen which needs the most work doing although it looks good its not finished- i was cooking this day like growed ups do :)

Garden needs work, but the skip is here so hoping it will be filled later today

My lovely garden bench my grandad got us and our metal sign that says LIVE MUCH, LAUGH MUCH, LOVE MUCH or something like this its very cool but never lies straight.

Craft room

Front garden and my lovely basket as made by my mam!

Some other pretty things, hall window and bathroom fun

spare room

box room of books
Just when you are thinking we are super organised

we still have a long way to go in some corners lol

hope you enjoyed seeing my photos, thanks for stopping by x


Annie said...

Pretty house - that stained glass is absolutely stunning. Lucky thing! Hope you'll both be very happy there.

Julesaroony said...

Rachel your new house looks gorgeous. Can I move in too?! Love all the little things you have chosen and the stained glass and the "cheesy" house sign are my favourites. Good luck in your new home!

Debbie said...

All looks lovely, you have got it looking like a home so quickly!!!

And don't worry - my house if full or 'corners' like that!!!

Heather said...

Your house looks lovely! gorgeous stained glass and love all the arty bits :)

Hysteri-CAL said...

Oooh its looking lovely !!! Good luck to you both xxx

Sarah said...

Oh your new home is just gorgeous. I adore the stained glass, it's simply stunning.

Jen said...

you hlooking fab rach! and yes you are very very organised - far more organsied than we are!


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