Saturday, 7 February 2009

Cakes and Owls

So this week has been all about CAKES! i have done no scrapping and made cakes instead, we are having a cake sale at work next friday for British Heart Foundation which is the charity we support this yr and as i run the charity events i thought i would make the effort and do home made ones. So been quite costly with buying tins, and all the ingredients i had nothing!

so wednesday and i made.... plain buns in muffin sized cases, this was my very first time making them, they were pretty nice if not a bit sticky, but not bad.

Then on friday night (yes i have no life) i made ones with choc chips in them which sunk but thats fine, and made them chocolate flavour.

I plan to do lovely butter icing but practiced with normal icing for now

So not perfect but slowly getting there, think i will try the butter icing tomo when i have more time.

this is where i work

this is the special cake i did for rob on our lovely heart shaped plate (that came with a pack of butter once)

So today on my way home from work i might of popped into Paperchase to see what they had new ....... and boy did they have new stuff!!!!!!!!!

HOW LUSH IS THIS??????????
i may have gone a little mad but it was so cute and i will be back on pay day to get more, they had the cutest egg cups and a bag and oooh tons i love it.
So when i got home i had a parcel from my dad look what he sent me

I must be grown up now if i have one of these, i remember my granny having one when we used to bake when we were little, and my mam had one but i have never seen a brand new one just there tatty old ones, so im very excited.
Think i will master the cakes then go from there, having a day of scrapping and then a night on the tiles lol so hoping to have something scrappy to update tomo

thanks for looking

oh yes i forgot, as well as lots of my lovely friends being featured in this months Scrapbook Inspiration, Laura also did a feature on arranging your own retreat, just like we did last Autumn and plan to shortly, well to say this photo is huge is a understatement, i sure was shocked when i saw it lol

These are the luscious girls, we have a little group on UKS all similar aged/ minded people who have a similar style like the same papers etc etc so we get on really well, i just love meeting up with them.

that is all for now xx


Vee said...

Those cakes look yummy! You can't beat homemade!

Wow - love the owls too :)

Thought I'd seen you in SI :-)

How busy you've been!

CloClo said...

The cakes look great - you may have inspired me to give that a go during half term now :) I love that icing sugar icing - nothing beats it with some of those silver ball sprinkles in!


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